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Essendon VIC 3040

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the tiny chef

tiny [ty-nee]
–adjective: very small;
chef [shef]
–noun: any cook' 

the tiny chef

tiny [ty-nee]
–adjective: very small;
chef [shef]
–noun: any cook' 

The Tiny Chef

about us!


The founders of The Tiny Chef, have always had a passion,
not only for cooking, but also for keeping kids entertained. 

Cooking has always been something that they have enjoyed
within their family, and watching their children develop
"life skills" at a tender age, is very fulfilling to them.

Birthdays have always been made to be a special time for their children,
and The Tiny Chef brings yet another dimension to party time which
revolves purely around food.  Seeing the children with smiles on their faces
as they prepare and then eat their unique creations with all their friends,
needs to be seen to be believed....
Who says kids don't like food???

The Tiny Chef has a bright and modern kitchen set up with all the whizz bang
gadgets needed to whip up all kinds of yummy delights. 
It has been set up in a way that will cater for our littlest guests
to teenagers & adults too!

We hope you can join us, and see for your self!


Hi, Just wanted to say thank you for a great party on Sunday 20th June,
All the kids had such a great time. 
Once again, Thank you for hosting a great event!
Laura I.

Hi Team, My daughter had her birthday on Sunday 21st and just wanted
to thankyou for making it a great success.
  The kids had an awesome time and the parents only had positive comments
with two or three parents thinking of making a booking soon.
  A definite positive from me was that the pizza dough was
fantastic and wondering whether I was able to get a copy of the recipe?

Great idea and wonderful set up…well done!
  Kind Regards Anne-Maree B.

Hello Romy, Just wanted to say a huge Thank you to you and your
amazing staff for hosting such a wonderful party today
for my little girl. The kids had so much fun,
and the staff were truly fantastic. Very friendly and helpful to all the kids.
  My daughter had a birthday party to remember.
We will most definitely be back!
Best regards,
Rowen & Dean


Hi Romy, I just wanted to thank you for a really great birthday.
  My son Jacob and his friends loved the footy theme as well
as the making their own pizza. 
It really was a hit with them all! 
Thanks to the lovely service provided. 
Sarah H.

My daughter Kate attended your workshop on Tuesday 29/06
- Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate.
Just wanted to say Kate and her friends who also attended,
had a great time. I was really impressed with
the basket made of chocolate, it was so different.
The take home apron and chef hat was also great,
the girls kept busy playing Master Chef with it when they got home.
So thanks again for a fun filled experience and delicious time.
Definitely do another class next school holidays!
See you next time, Eve B. 

Wow, What a place!  My daughter attended a party last weekend and she hasn't stopped raving about how much fun she had!  So of course we have already booked in her own birthday party... which is still 6 months away!  She has become a great helper in the kitchen too!  It is lovely to see kids enjoying food!  We look forward to our party in December.  Kind regards Lisa & Ella H.